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Jaarlijks organiseert de NVA een jaarcongres. Volgend jaarcongres vieren wij ons 6e lustrum! Ons lustrumcongres vindt plaats op 4 en 5 juni 2020 in Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin. Bent u benieuwd naar alle congressen en cursussen die de NVA organiseert? Kijk in de agenda voor meer informatie over onder andere het geplande jaarcongres.

Het NVA lustrumcongres vindt plaats op donderdag 4 en vrijdag 5 juni 2020 in

Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin
Koningin Astrid Boulevard 5
Noordwijk aan Zee

Meer informatie over het programma volgt later.

Klik hier om in te schrijven voor het Lustrumcongres.


Vorige programma’s

Benieuwd naar de programma’s van de meest recente jaarcongressen?

Jaarcongres geschiedenis NVA

In de geschiedenis van de NVA zijn er verschillende congressen geweest met elk een ander thema. Hieronder vindt u een overzicht van deze congressen met bijbehorend thema.

2019 New Indications in arthroscopic surgery for your practice or your patients?
C. Bessiere, “Learning curve and pitfalls arthroscopic Latarjet procedure”
B. Sonnery-Cottet, “Antero lateral rotational instability (ALRI)”
P. van Veen, “Social primal behaviour; how we act as primats at work”
2019 Programma

2018 “Arthroscopic surgery in small joints, is it worth it?” & “Ligament surgery of the knee”
A. van Tongel, “SC arthroscopy”
J.D. Calder, “Tendoscopy foot/ankle”
M. Denti, “Return to sport after ACL reconstructions”
E. Cavaignac, “Quad tendon graft in ACL surgery”
R. Alsonso, “Superior capsular reconstruction”
V.Aarimaa, “Degenerative cuff tear, to operate or not to operate?”
2018 Programma

2017 Tennis & Arthroscopy
D. Saris, “Cartilage treatment anno 2017”
D. Mekic, “Innovations”
D. Eijgendaal, “Lateral sided elbow pain is not always a tennis elbow!”
A. van Noort VS H. van der Hoeven, “Shoulder injuries, should we operate or not on tennis players”
2017 Programma

2016 “The femur above and beyond”
R. Janssen, “Medial collateral ligament injury”
A. van Kampen, “Patella instability”
K. Lombarts, “Professional performance tussen tijd en technologie”
E. Visser & P. Druijts, “The hip, it is the inside that counts”
2016 Programma

2015 ‘Arthroscopic Frontiers’
S. Burkhart, “The degenerative cuff”
L. Engebretsen, “Posterior cruciate ligament injury when to operate”
L. Galatz, “Natural history of rotator cuff tears” & “Complications of elbow arthroscopy”
T. Hewett, “ACL injury prevention”
L. Lafosse, “Complications and treatment options arthroscopic Latarjet procedure”
S. Zaffagnini, “ACL reconstruction for the professional athlete”
2015 Lustrumprogramma

2014 The Art (hroscopy) of Football
A. van der Wouw, “Return to play” after ACL injury”
A. Williams, “The Anterolateral Ligament-is it the whole story?”
E. Goedhart, “Groin complaints in professional footballers”
P. Verdonk, “Meniscal lesions and suturing in football players”
2014 Programma

2013 Arthroscopic Aspects of Hip and Ankle Surgery
P. Golano, “Ankle Antomy for the Arthroscopist”
P. d’Hooghe, “FIFA Ankle Injuries”
M. Attinger, “Open treatment of FAI”
F. Bataille, “Arthroscopic treatment of FAI”
2013 Programma

2012 Sports InSights
M. Schwellnus, “The genetics of tendinopathy”
B. Otten, “Neural control after ACL Repair”
A. Rijckaert, “How to return to sport after a football injury”

2011 Everything you always wanted to know about the meniscus but were afraid to ask
T. Carter, “Long term outcome of arthroscopic meniscectomy”
P. Verdonk, “Meniscus substitution using scaffolds”
T. Spalding, “Indications techniques and outcome of arthroscopic repair of meniscal lesions”

2010 New Horizons in Arthroscopy
W.B. Kibler vs R. Norlin, “Battle arthroscopic decompression”
C. Brown vs F. Fu, “Battle ACL: single versus double bundle”
P. Boileau, “Shoulder instability: decision making in surgical treatment”
D. Saris, “Technovolution of Muskuloskeletal Reconstruction”

2009 Backside of arthroscopy
M. Tauber, “Glenoid fractures”
J. Calder, “Ankle fractures”
A. Williams, “The troublesome knee after arthroscopy”
G. Di Giacomo, “The troublesome shoulder after arthroscopy”

2008 Scope on sports
M.P. Heijboer, “Tendinopathy current concepts”
C.H.J. van Eijck, “Endoscopic repair”
J.F. Huylebroek, “Sport traumatology in Europe”

2007 Arthroscopy on the Edge
V. Khanduja, “On the edge … Hip = ‘hip'”
P. Pinal, “Arthroscopy of the wrist without getting wet!”
L. Giannini, “Arthroscopy in acute injuries around the ankle”

2006 The future is now
G. Declercq, “Future = now … shoulder arthroscopy”
A. Williams, “Future = now … knee arthroscopy”
J. Victory, “ACL reconstruction 2, 3 or 4 tunnels”

2005 Masterclasses rotator cuff pathology and complex ligamentous injuries of the knee
L. Lafosse, “Rotatorcuff injuries”
P. Lobenhofer, “Classifications and work-up of complex ligamentous injuries of the knee”
M.J. van Haeff, “Treatment rationale for complex ligamentous injuries of the knee”

2004 An update in ACL surgery
A. Amis, “Graft position and knee kinematica in ACL surgery”
F. Azar, “Pitfalls and complications in ACL surgery”
C.P. van der Hart, “Indication for ACL surgery and prevention of arthrosis”

2003 Around the meniscus
R. Verdonk, “Meniscal transplantations”
E. van Arkel, “Meniscal transplantation where do we stand?”
J. Bellemans, “Meniscal repairs with all inside devices”

2002 Arthroscopie van elleboog en pols
H.V. Johannssen, “Arthroscopic arthrolysis of the stiff elbow”
L. Pederzini, “TFCC lesions and their arthroscopic treatment”
T. Lindau, “Arthroscopic treatment of distal radius fractures”

R. Villar, “Hip arthroscopy: State of the Art”
C.N. van Dijk, “Hindfoot endoscopy: state of the art”

I. Bayley, “A scientific counterbalance of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair”
Champ L. Baker Jr, “The state of the art of arthroscopic rotator cuff repair”
J.W. Willems, “Subacromial impingement syndrome”

J. de Beer, “Arthrocare in shoulder arthroscopy”
R. Heidt jr, “The use of Holmium YAG laser in arthroscopic surgery”
Ph. Beaufils, “Drawbaks in laer surgery”

F.P.J.G. Lafever, “Structure, function and healing capacity of cartilage”
J. Gillquist, “Facts and myths on cartilage repair”
V. Bobic, “Surgical procedure and results of osteochondral grafting technique”

Ph. Beaufils, “Shoulder stiffness, classification, arthroscopic treatment”
K. en G. Declercq, “Hip arthroscopy”
J. Thiry, “Complications in arthroscopic surgery”

P. Habermeyer, “Indications and operative procedures for anterior shoulder instability”
B. Vandekerckhove, “Arthroscopic suturing of menisci”
B. Klos, “Computer navigation in ACL”

H.U. Staubli, “The artroscope, an aid in tibial plateau fracture reduction?”
P. Boileau, “Limits of arthroscopy in cuff disease”
P. Albrecht-Olsen, “Meniscus arrows vs inside-out sutures”

S. Howell, “Meniscal kinematics related to ACL pathology”
L. Desmet, “Endescopic versus open decompression of the carpal tunnel”
W. Siefert, “Meniscal transplantations in unstable knees”

J. Noble, “Complications in arthroscopy”
G. Dereymaeker, “Ankle arthroscopy”
D. Dauwe, “The value of wrist arthroscopy”

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